Benefit from our knowledge of materials & advanced engineering production techniques

Torishima original spare parts service has been designed to compliment and support our highly integrated service capability by allowing us to restore our customer’s equipment back to as new condition. If it’s our pumps or some other name on the plate – it does not matter. We can provide you with spares to ensure that your pumps work at optimum condition utilising our knowledge of materials, advanced engineering production techniques and coupled with our REDU process we can provide an unlimited scope, spare parts service.

Torishima’s spares parts service is available to meet our customer’s exact quality and certification requirements with components available in a range of materials. Our experienced engineers have many years of experience in the spare parts business and can help identify exactly what you need, even when information is scarce.

In addition to the supply of spare parts we work closely with our customers to help them operate more efficiently. Some of the services we offer are listed below:

We can supply a wide range of REDU spare parts from a huge range of manufacturers, helping to reduce the number of suppliers and costs to our customer’s business. We have CIPS trained and experienced staff engineers – so you don’t have to.

With REDU – our engineers can identify existing parts that can be modified to save you money or remanufactured to provide a comprehensive addition to our customers purchasing capability. At Torishima we have developed our REDU register where we keep details of obsolete parts which have been re-manufactured so that the detail is readily to hand when our customer’s need a replacement part.

No matter what the part is or how old the component may be, the chances are that the Torishima Spare Parts division can source or re-manufacture individual components for you or source, manufacture, assemble, certify and test completely re-engineered equipment.