Torishima can repair or fully reverse engineering equipment and machinery.

As part of our continuous drive to keep innovation at the forefront of our repair service capability, Torishima have developed a reverse engineering process known as REDU. Our REDU process has been designed for those who are experiencing issues of obsolete or difficult to obtain spares and components for any make of equipment which has the potential to disrupt their business operations. The benefits of REDU are considerable and can yield substantial cost benefits.

Taking a worn or broken component and using 3D measuring equipment and design skills we can reverse engineer your spare back to the original design, or even improve upon it.

Torishima REDU will capture the geometry of components and then work back, taking into account the wear and tear, and produce manufacturing drawings to allow replacement parts to be manufactured.

Some of the benefits of REDU have been listed to demonstrate the possibilities of looking at REDU as a method of upgrading or replacing equipment.

REDU provides customers with the unique opportunity to acquire parts and components with design and material upgrades tailored specifically to operational needs – making use of the latest technological advances.

To discuss how REDU reverse engineering services could optimise your existing assets call or email us or 01236 442 390.