Restore and extend the life of your pump with Torishima’s Pump Improvement Plan

With almost 100 years experience in pumping technology, Torishima are uniquely positioned as a Global leader in pump repair, restoration and supply. From our dedicated facilities in Glasgow, we operate a fully integrated design, engineering and application service to meet our customers’ needs.

At Torishima, pump repair and remediation is a core element of our service provision. With considerable experience in both the manufacture and repair of many different pump types we consider ourselves uniquely positioned to understand our customer’s needs and provide a rapid, cost effective solution to meet those needs. Utilising our in-house expertise during the repair stage of a customer’s equipment, Torishima can restore worn component parts back to original condition.

Torishima can, through our pump refurbishment and Pump Improvement Program (PIP) offer solutions that will restore your pumps to better than new condition and at the same time, extend equipment life, provide significant reductions in energy costs and an increase in efficiency.

The Pump Improvement Program is yet another innovative development incorporating our integrated solutions approach to improving our customer’s assets. It marries several concepts and disciplines such, thermometric pump testing – the most accurate method of determining if a pump is operating at its Best Efficiency Point (BEP). The use of advanced surface coatings which eliminate corrosion and erosion issues and provides a low friction surface that yields efficiency benefits and saves energy and therefore cost to our customers. As if that was not enough, we can install Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) which further enhance the effective management of pumping systems from both an operational and financial perspective. All of this is designed with our customers business in mind, to improve your profitability by reducing operating costs.